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Sales, Service & Marketing or 'SMS' - the nerves of your Business & CRM

Sales - In 4th Industrial Revolution, Sales Process is not as simple as cold calling or spam emails, but also need to understand the Customer's requirements, competitors, & urgency.

With a wide Customer Database we need some intelligent systems that can automate & take right actions at right time. A slight delay or wrong action can be a loss of lifetime by a losing a Customer.

A CRM system that stores Customer Data can no longer be a data device, but need to be much more than that.

Service- 90% of Customers are attracted towards businesses that provide excellent Customer Service, Customer Retention can increase by 70% if servicing is satisfied.

So why not create an automated Process that retains Customers, that were hard earned once?

Marketing - Marketeers are the bloodline in the 4th Industrial era where Social & Digital Marketing has become a mandate for attracting prospects, leads, opportunities & service Customers. We are living in an Era where 1M likes can be shadowed by one single unlikely comment by a Customer.

A CRM Solution must cater to all three S-M-S requirement of Business in this dynamic market.

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