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Learn, Grow & Transition in your Profession with Industry Experts Mentoring on High Potential IT Courses & Career

Be a Showrunner with Highly curated, Industry Oriented, powered by Mentor Certificate program. Also, get a chance to work with B&TC exclusive Projects
Explore our limited courses below:

Showrunner Academy: Welcome


Be a Showrunner

Co-working in the Office

Business Analysts

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Turn your curiosity for the Systems, Technology & Processes to a real Life Career with our tailored, highly curated, mentor driven, industry driven BA program that directly prepares you for the challenging IT Industry across Different Business Domains.

Get the Expertise in Industry that you find interesting - Financial, Manufacturing, Retail & lot more.

This includes a Showrunner Certificate to tag on your profile.


Salesforce Cloud CRM - Start Your Admin career

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Journey

Salesforce is Worlds No 1 CRM that focusses on Sales, Service & Marketing Digital Transformation for Businesses worldwide. With our training program , learners get to know on how can they upskill & transition their career to a Salesforce world of opportunities with a guidance on certifications.
This includes a Showrunner Certificate to tag on your profile.

Showrunner Academy: Services
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