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Showrunner is a Platform that provides identity to Global IT Professionals community Worldwide. It is a place where you can learn and grow. Showrunner offers an online centre of learning on courses for top performing IT roles with a Certification program which is also mentor-driven. 
Showrunner Pool is for Freelance professionals with exceptional skills in various IT Technology roles and aiming for making an impact globally.
Showrunner is a self-enabled Platform for IT Professionals that targets to make each individual a Showrunner both in their personal and professional network.

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This platform is for freelancer professionals with skillset into various IT Technologies. Join the pool to open a global career pathway for yourself and explore unending remote opportunities for a lifetime.

Showrunner is a platform to Learn, Grow & Transition or Upgrade in your Profession with Industry Experts Mentoring on High Potential IT Courses & Career

Be a Showrunner with Highly curated, Industry Oriented, powered by Mentor Certificate program. Also, get a chance to work with B&TC exclusive Projects.
Explore our limited courses designed for you.

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